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The Sunday Telegraph.

Crete on the Road: the Best Driving Tours around West and Central Crete by Frankie Miles. Frankie is from Villas Crete Holidays and she is very knowledgable about this part of the island.

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1 bedroom villas

2 bedroom villas

2 bedrooms

3 - 2 bedrooms

3 bedroom villas

3 bedrooms

3 bedrooms.

4 bedroom villas

5 bedroom villas


Horseshoe Cottage Villa

Luxury Villa

Most private Villas. Luxury Villas

Most private villa

Near the beach

Private villa

Provarma Hills Villa

VIllas in Greece

Villa Adelphi

Villa Agatha

Villa Alexandra

Villa Almarine

Villa Anastasia

Villa Andreas

Villa Anna

Villa Antina

Villa Armonia

Villa Athina

Villa Azure

Villa Bay View

Villa Bay View II

Villa Chrisi

Villa Eleni

Villa Eleonora

Villa Elsa

Villa Galini

Villa Giorgos

Villa Halepi

Villa Helios

Villa Ifigenia

Villa Iremia

Villa Kali Zoe

Villa Kalypso

Villa Katerina

Villa Kera View

Villa Luka

Villa Margaret

Villa Margarita Penthouse

Villa Maria

Villa Maris

Villa Maza Cottage

Villa Nina

Villa Nostalgia

Villa Prinolithos

Villa Rodi

Villa Rosaria

Villa Sarah

Villa Thalassa

Villa The Old Olive Mill

Villa The Olive Branch

Villa Zeus bay

Villa crete

Villa crete.

Villa natassa

Villa on a budget

Villa-lemonia crete


Villas close to the beach

Villas in Crete

Villas on a budget

Villas on the beach

Villas with 2 bedrooms

Villas with 3 bedrooms

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